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Pre-Bid Contracts

Through a competitive bid process, Dura Pier Facilities Services, Ltd. dba Facilities Sources has been awarded pre-bid contracts through various cooperatives. Cities, counties, school districts, colleges and universities, and other entities may legally use the pre-bid contract after signing an interlocal agreement. There is no cost for membership.


Facilities Sources currently holds contracts to work anywhere within the State of Texas to meet facility needs from the roof to the Utilities tap at the street. Using Facilities Sources for IDIQ Contracting saves time and money, initially in the purchasing department, then later in renovation, construction and facilities management.


Buyboard ezIQC
(Endorsed by Texas Association of School Boards)

Job Order Contract within ESC Regions 4 & 5.

Choice Partners
(Administered by Harris County Department of Education)

Construction Job Order Contract IDIQ; Disaster Recovery & Restoration; Disaster Mitigation; HVAC Equipment & Service IDIQ; all contracts within the State of Texas
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OMNIA Partners
(Administered by Region 4 ESC)

Job Order Contract within the State of Texas

Purchasing Cooperative of America - PCA
(Administered by Region III ESC)

Job Order Contract within the State of Texas

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